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  • May I ask that you please try to buy these songs to support the group as well.
  • Updates may be a week or 3 after the release date - this is due to me living in the UK and being having to buy loads as to reduce the cost of shipping.
  • For music video's, please email me and i will send you the file.
  • All singles include the instrumentals.
  • For full tracklists, please see Discography (currently down)
Download Page link

  1. I Don't Obey ~Bokura no PRIDE~: Download
  2. Bokura no Natsu: Download
  3. Koi no Dial 6700: Download
  4. Like&Peace: Download
  5. Kira Kira Everyday: Download
  6. I My Me Mine/EZ DO DANCE: Download
  7. Ready Go/Wake Me Up: Download
  8. Shekimeki: Download
  9. Come On/Doremifa Sorairo: Download
  10. Hop! Step! Dance↑↑: Download
  11. We are Dreamer: Download
Mini Albums:
  1. RUN TO THE FUTURE: Download
  2. DAYS: Download
  1. Magokoro to you: Download
Contributing Artists:
  1. TRF Respect Idol Tribute Album: Download
  2. Telephay - Littly Blue Box/Chiku no Kizuna - Dream5: Download