Friday, 7 February 2014


Good news!!!!!!!!!!!

Hop! Step! Dance!! Download coming soon


We Are Dreamer! Download coming soon


Magokoro to you Download coming soon


All Dance shots, PVs etc coming soon (being up loaded as i'm typing this)


One-man!? COME ON! ~ First four years - but it is the first story DVD that came with Magokoro Album being uploaded


Bad news.....

Magokoro to you PV DVD - didn't order that one as i'm on limited budget for the next 4 months, but i will order it in the near future (i get paid before BABYMETAL's album comes out, so i'll get both at the same time)


Discography and download page down untill further notice


i know but i need to do a lot of changes to the pages and checking links and what nots. Please bear with me so i am trying to update this site as much as possible.

I would like to say i'm really sorry about the lack of updates here. I've been having a bad time with my health and having some ^£&^%$£$% steal money from my account that i've had to place this blog on the back burner.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

1st Album CM

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I should have said this earlier but i've been so busy lately that i keep forgetting to do this.

Due to my personal work load, this horrible heatwave that Britain is having (my work uniform is black and Primark's [the one branch i work for which happens to be a brand new store] air conditioning is broken so i'm sweating buckets 5 days a week) and the fact that i've been either eating, cooking or sleeping instead of being on the computer, i have not had the chance to update about the group.

Hopefully i should have time to do a complete update of the blog between August 12th - 16th and i should have both Hop! Step! Dance and We Are Dreamer by September if my electricity bill is low enough (the fans is on 24/7 in my house)

Again, i'm really sorry for keeping you all in the dark about things. Please continue to support the group, they will be at Tokyo Idol Fest and on a program that i've forgotten the name of but i know that Morning Musume will be on it as well so they have great things to look forward to.

Friday, 12 April 2013

PV time

Hop Step Dance PV

Pararirura is the ending theme to the anime Hana Kappa. Avex has kindly allowed us to watch the FULL dance shot

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Video Cornor

The first Video is from Tokyo Girls Collection. Sorry but it can't be embedded. Click here to watch it.

Next is another fashion show covered by Maidigitv. FYI the outfits they are wearing in this is the outfits for the new single. They appear around 5 mins and do a mini live with EZ DO DANCE and Hop! Step! Dance.

A CM for Kotori's Happy Family

Lastly, Last month i told you all about their One Man Live that was announced over Ustream and linked you all to the video which was taken soon soon after. This kind Youtuber,tokyogirls11, has uploaded it for everyone to watch the goodness that is Dream5 in a live.

New Single

Sorry, Life got in/still is in the way.

NEW Single has been announced.

Hop! Step! Dance↑↑ (Hop! Step! ダンス↑↑) is being released May 15th.

The song is being used for two CM's, The first is Dancingoodday

The second is for clothing brand Dirty Wolf staring Akira (second half of clip below.) The c/w song is Look at Me!. it's also being used for the CM staring our girls for brand MC Sister (first half of clip above) Jijipress has a video of the group filming their Dancingoodday CM plus an interview and the actual CM