Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I should have said this earlier but i've been so busy lately that i keep forgetting to do this.

Due to my personal work load, this horrible heatwave that Britain is having (my work uniform is black and Primark's [the one branch i work for which happens to be a brand new store] air conditioning is broken so i'm sweating buckets 5 days a week) and the fact that i've been either eating, cooking or sleeping instead of being on the computer, i have not had the chance to update about the group.

Hopefully i should have time to do a complete update of the blog between August 12th - 16th and i should have both Hop! Step! Dance and We Are Dreamer by September if my electricity bill is low enough (the fans is on 24/7 in my house)

Again, i'm really sorry for keeping you all in the dark about things. Please continue to support the group, they will be at Tokyo Idol Fest and on a program that i've forgotten the name of but i know that Morning Musume will be on it as well so they have great things to look forward to.