Monday, 21 May 2012

All you need is a Dream....

Hi all.

It's Kira from Kira's Blog here.

I created this blog because i wanted a place that would just be for Dream5 and nothing else. It seems that it's easier to just update a blog than to update a page, so from now on this will be where any info i or Buobuo find will come here.

I'll let Buobuo introduce her self when she's ready so i'll just tell you how i come to love this group.

Youtube is a great place for conpanies to post PV's of their artists. I just so happen to have subscribed to Avex Channel when in early 2011 a video appeared in my recommended section. It was Koi no Dial 6700. Having heard Morning Musume's version of the song, i decided to watch this video and was amazed by this young group.

Well amazed wasn't exactly what i thought first. It was "Is that a boy or a girl?". i wasn't sure if Akira was a boy at first and i decided to look into the group more. And the more i looked, the less i found and the less i found the more i really wanted to know about them.

I wrote a few posts about them on my blog and while on H!O, i noticed that the person who commented, LunaLupus, had linked the post to his banner and had created a thread for them. It was then that i realise that there were more fans of the group out there who needed more info on the group and from there, after really life had finished taking up my time, i have been looking and looking for more and more info on the group so that i could bring it to the fans that need it.

There are a few other blogs out there that are dedicated to the group as well but i find that they haven't been updated with new info recently so, hopefully, with help from everyone, we can get more and more people becoming fans of them.

For all those who would like to hear their songs first, the previous posts i've put up should want you to get the CD's they belong to.

Looking forward to giving you all Dream