Monday, 18 June 2012

[2012-06-18] Kotori blog post

The mu-mo cover for the new single
are now availabe!
Well ,
just in time (laughs)

This time
There was

It was tickling
It was hard to put on face
because the first time
it hurt a lot ! (laughs)

With a good look on the members jacket
We don't see the mole or the winkles
I try to find some (laughs)

All the members has their
own face painting!

The official home page of the site
was updated with
the 7th single READY GO!!

Wake me up!
Fushigina gen sono uta

The single will contain this songs,
Please listen to it!
Thank you!

This is an approximate translation , I don't speak Japanese fluently. Please forgive all the errors.