Saturday, 14 July 2012

Profile Q & A's

The offical website has some Q & A's for each member of the group which hasn't bee translated. I'm not good at translating things but i am good at understanding what it's trying to say. So while i wait fot the next course of Japanese lessons to start (the course i want to take runs for a year and if you miss the first term, you have to wait till the next year starts before you can join. I missed the first term due to money problems.) They won't be proper translations, so please bear with me and my dictionary. Hopefully it should help everyone get to know the members better.

So i'm going to do this question by question. As this gets done, their Bio pages will be updated with the new information.

Question 1: What is you Nickname?

Kotori - Kotori, Shiisan, Shiizaburou, buuko, kojjan, koburi, shibo
Momona - Momo, Momonga, Momoko, Namachan
Akira - Akira
Mikoto - Mikocchan, Miichan
Yuuno - Yuuno, Yuutan