Thursday, 6 September 2012

What i have missed.....

Hey everyone. I am so sorry for not updating. If any of you read my other blog, you'll know that i have a new job and right now i am still trying to work out how i can do all the things i need/want to do without those 8 hours i spend traveling and working.

I haven't really missed anything concerning the group, i've just not had the time to blog about it, so sorry if this isn't in order.

First up, the group were one of the opening acts for A-Nation again this year. It's great the they always get this oppertunity to perform on a big stage even if the venue isn't full at the time as it means that those people who were lucky enough to see them might decide to become fans.

They performed on the 25th August along with Kikkawa you as Opening Acts, Tokyo Girls Style also performed that day as a Shooting Act while Sandaime J Soul Brothers, SUPER JUNIOR and others where the main performers.

Remember the Element song?
Fushigi na Genso no Uta Dance Shot by Kirakira1610
well, after reading Aramatheydidn't (which helped to make what google translate was trying (and failing) to say), is the theme for the National Science Museum's special exhibit Genso no Fujigi.

READY GO!!/Wake Me Up! got a weekly rank of 18 with 6927 units sold, YAY!!!! Their first days rank was 9 and on that day we got confirmation of a new single.

The single is called Shekimeki and will be released on halloween 7/11
Here are the banners that are on their website

They look so cool.

The track list is up as well.
  1. Shekimeki!
  3. Rock n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi (Rock 'n' Roll Prefecture Capital)
  4. Shekimeki! Instrumental
  5. CRAZY GONNA CRAZY Instrumental
  6. Rock n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi Instrumental
As well as the track list for the DVD edition
  1. Shekimeki! Music Video
  2. Rock n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi Music Video
  3. Shekimeki! Dance Shot
  4. CRAZY GONNA CRAZY Dance shot
  5. Rock n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi Dance shot
Plus individual covers only availible at mu-mo shop.

Rock n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi was originally the coupling track to Chisato Moritaka's Watashi no Natsu

And was also covered by Mini Moni

CRAXY GONNA CRAZY is another cover song. Original by TRF....again

At least we an idea of what two of the songs sounds like.

Part of the reason why i waited till now to update was to post the dance videos from the latest single along with the PV for I don't Obey, which i posted earlier, which is pretty hard to find a good quality video of that actually has sound on the web. I also brought their secon single, Bokura no Natsu as well. It has a video called Shigemon Gekijyou.

Shigemon Gekijyou by Kirakira1610

READY GO Dance Shot by Kirakira1610

Wake Me Up Dance Shot by Kirakira1610

While the group was performing as the opening act for AAA's concert tour, Triple 7, remember when Akira was apart of the 777 interview crew?

AAA interviewing Dream5 by Kirakira1610

I call this getting their own back.

I can't thinks of anything else that's happened other then the ustream performances that they have been doing since July. I tried to watch one but i was way too busy to be able to fully enjoy myself (have to run around South london in the heat trying to find money for my uniform and travel for work, really sucked)

Anyway, remember that you can download the singles but please please PLEASE support the group and buy a copy (or you can buy my copys of RUN TO THE FUTURE and Koi no Dial 6700 off me for £10 and £5?)