Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Contest Entry - Anonymous

Yesterday i received an entry for the contest. The Author wishes to remain anonymous.

Please enjoy.

My favorite song by Dream5 is Arigatou ~ Kimi ni Todeketai Melody ~ because it is a very meaningful song. 
What I felt when I hear the song is well... how would I explain this?? Every time I am stressed out I would listen to that song and it would always calm me down because its a very peaceful song. 
My first impression to this song was that it was very peaceful and calming. At the end of the song it was very upbeat but the song is very how would I say this... uhh... slowly goes up and up until it gets upbeat. Like it doesnt go BAM all of a sudden and its all loud... But I am also tied with Shunkashuutou. Because they are both very calming and peaceful. I like this song because it show cases everyone's voice. 
When I first heard it, it was very pretty and calming. My first impression was that Yuuna's voice was very cute / pretty. Kotori's voice is very mature. Akira's voice is hot (LOL). Mikoto's voice is very cute and Momona's is very pretty. I listen to these songs everyday as it helps me calm down after school because school is very stressful now >< But listening to these calm me done and helps me get ready for the next day~

My favorite member has to be Yuuno-chan~ !! I started to like her because we were around the same age plus her cuteness~ She stands out because being only 13 she already had such great dance moves when she was 10! She is a great dancer. 
I don't know if other participants for this wrote longer things but I don't care. I just want to express how much I love Yuuno! And don't think that I don't love the others too! All 5 members of Dream5 are great~ At singing and / or dancing :D All of them are great role models~ I look up to each and everyone of them. But Yuuno, in my opinion, is my favorite~ She means the universe to me! I look up to her the most an hope to one day meet here~ !!