Saturday, 1 December 2012

Some live , videos and interesting stuff

Hey everyone! I didnt post enough.. I'm really sorry , I'll take time to post regulary now , like.. translation of their blog etc..
So. I was searching for Dream5 stuff as always and I finded some rare videos. Like a complete live, the one who they did for their 3rd year. I download it from YouTube thinking that it will be deleted and I was right they suppres it , but I have it on my computer so I'll surely upload it on Dailymotion for everyobody to see.

Meanwhile , I find small separate video of the live. Here they are.


CRAZY GONNA CRAZY (Shekimeki Bside)

And Come on , their single who will realease on January.
If you want a better version (studio vers.) and with Akira doing such cute smile and him , Yuuno and Momona top-body dancing , I find this from a Ustream they do.

And.. I also find their first Bokura no Natsu live (how happy I was , knowing that it's my 2nd favorite song by them.) 

And and aaand.. The cherry on the cake... TABIDACHI NO UTA DANCE !! How cute they was.. no synchronised.. it's my favorite song ever ♥ (okay I love all their songs and they are all my favorite hahaha I can't choose it's so hard ,but this one really has a special feeling)

Oh and , on the Ito-Yokado website there is so much Dream5's -mainly Kotori- CM , we can find them on Youtube but they have Making Of too and we can't find them.. So I advise you to look for MO here.
It's all for this time! I hope some others videos will be upload!