Sunday, 20 January 2013

Avex, Finally, Thank you.

As of November 15th 2012, Dream5 have an official Youtube channel. YAY!!!!

They only started uploading videos since the 13th Jan. There are 8 vids at the moment and most of the are promoting the new single, Come On!, but there are a few off shots from an outing.

Please go watch and like and comment and support them.

I'm posting this vid cos i want to show you all how awesome Akira is.

I especially love Kotori in this as well.

There is a clip from a dance practice for the DVD featuring Akira, Yuuno and their dance teacher who was taking Momona's place.

And i found a vid of them performing the whole dance (the video isn't very good quality but it's still good to see them performing it in front of an audience)

CM's are out as well. Did not realize that Come on was used to promote Achilles footwear.

And i think this one only features Akira as there is a boy break dancing but we can't tell cos they dont focus on the boy much.