Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sorry For the wait.

Customs are a bunch of money grabbing nobheads. If it wasn't for them, i would have had this up already.

So here are the video's to their recent singles.

Come On

Come On PV by Kirakira1610

Dance shot

Come On Dance Shot by Kirakira1610

Doremifa Sorairo

Doremifa Sorairo PV by Kirakira1610

Dance shot

Doremifa Sorairo Dance Shot by Kirakira1610

Believe Dance shot

Believe Dance Shot by Kirakira1610

Akira, Momona and Yuuno's Dance Part 3

Dori 5 Gakuen Dancebu Performance Eizou Part 3 by Kirakira1610

Chiku no Kizuna Dance shot

Chiku no Kizuna by Kirakira1610

Clean Anime Ending

Chiku no Kizuna Clean Anime Ending by Kirakira1610

I thought i would add this since i had to get this song to get D5's song.

Little Blue boX - Telepathy

Telepathy PV by Kirakira1610

Clean Anime Opening

Telepathy Clean Anime Op by Kirakira1610

A Bit of background on Little Blue boX, they are a band similar to T-Pistonz+KMC, a group that only release songs for an anime, in T-Pistonz case it's for Inazuma Eleven (will never watch. can not stand football) while this group is for the anime Danball Senki.

The members are hie <Hisayo Inamori> (Lead Vocalist) and yui (Guitarist). Former members include Sou (Guitarist), Youhei (Base Guitarist) and Yuusuke (Drummer).

That's all i could find on them as there isn't much English info on them.

Hope you all enjoy these videos. As soon as Avex release info about a new single/album (we are hoping for an album really), i'll let you know.