Tuesday, 12 June 2012


On their website, There are banners for a new single.

Their 7th single is called READY GO!!, it will be released on august 15th and comes in a regular and limited version and will be used in a CM (Don't know what for yet.)

Heres the track lists. (Thanks to LunaLupus for romanizaing most of it):

2. タイトル未定 (untitled)
3. ふしぎなげんそのうた (Fushigi na Genso no Uta/Song of the Mysterious Element)
4. READY GO!!<instrumental>
5. タイトル未定<instrumental>
6. ふしぎなげんそのうた<instrumental>

1. READY GO!![Music Video]
2. READY GO!![振りビデオ] (Dance Video)
3. タイトル未定[振りビデオ] (Dance Video)
4. ふしぎなげんそのうた[振りビデオ] (Dance Video)
5. 超スペシャル特典映像 (Super Special Bonus)

Before, this group used to release 2 singles than a min album so this is the first year that they will be releasing 3 singles so this is really exciting. Hopefully the preview of the PV will be up on the Avex youtupe channel soon as they tend to have them around a month before the release date. So excited.

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