Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hey Ho.....

While i have a spare 5 minutes.....

CM's for Dancing Good Day

I like how fun they make the CM look. kinda wish that they used some of the effects used here in the actual PV.

I have updated the disography page with the CDJapan links for Sheki Meki and here are the covers for the single and the Mu-mo slol covers.


CD Only

Avex have also posted the preview for Rock 'n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi

And to remind you all, here are the hometowns of the members, in order of how their mentioned in the song
  • Momona - Miyagi
  • Mikoto -  Kanagawa
  • Kotori - Tokushima
  • Akira - Fukuoka
  • Yuuno - Kagoshima
(Considering that Yuuno's hometown is last in the actual song means that Avex are being little shites again with the pv and leaving the last minute off. Idiots)

And here's Sheki Meki again just becaust i'm inlove with it.