Saturday, 6 October 2012

It's had to see but.... funny how this only occured to me while i'm slightly intoxicated, Dream 5 turn 3 on November 4th.

Remember this scene from Sheki Meki PV?

It's hard to see but there is a candle with a 3 on it.

This single is released on the 7th november. I can't beleive it took me this long to realise that. But Avex should had made that 3 bigger.

But can you believe that it's been 3 years since the group was first put together and released I Don't Obey?

Little Yuuno had just turned 10 when they debut,
look at that cute face
She turns 13 tomorrow

Mikoto, so cute at 11

She not only got cuter but is fighting with Akira for the tallest member (it's hard to tell some times, one minute it's Akira, the next it's Mikoto)

Speaking of Akira, Here at 12

Now 15. It is illegal to like him. Perving over him is ILLEGAL!!!!!

I know i could find a better pic of Momona at 13, but as i said at the begining of the post, i'm silighty intoxicated right now and looking for a better image is giving me a headache.
She'll be 16 next year. 16!!!!

and finally our leader, Kotori or Cotori as she likes to spell it
trying to find a pic from I Don't Obey is had for her as there are many pictures from her time as a TV Warrior. A good on is her profile pic from when she first entered Avex at 10.

Now she's a cheeky 16 yr old. It was her birthday on friday. Gomen ne Cocchan, i was too busy passing my work probation to congtatulate you. and to all those who live in GB, she is legal now so perv away.

3 Years. Here's to all the many many years still to come.