Sunday, 7 October 2012

Akira rules

Earlier today I had another opportunity to meet Dream5, of course I didn't take any chances and went there, admittedly I had to buy the upcoming single Shekimeki to attend the event, but trust me with Dream5 thats worth it, unlike some other Idol groups you get pretty close and not just shuffled through a line in the area.

So anyway, why does the title say Akira rules? Simple, Akira tried to teach me the dance for Shekimeki, of course with my lack of dancing ability and Akira not being able to spend infinite time you can probably imagine why Yuuno was laughing in the background xD

There was also a mini live and to top it off, I got into a bit of trouble with my Gf due to Kotori pretending to kiss me, heh she was like a meter away lol, so in a way nothing happened, but apparently some people think of it a bit differently.

Anyway, completely awesome day, all thanks to Dream5.