Saturday, 10 November 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates, been very busy.

So first up,

TRF are celebrating 20 years next year and in preparation for this, they are releasing a singles best album called TRF 20TH Anniversary COMPLETE SINGLE BEST on Nov 21st which means anyone wanting the originals for EZ DO DANCE and CRAZY GONNA CRAZY and any other TRF song that Dream5 might cover in the future can get this.

Personally, I prefer Dream5's versions but it's still good to hear the originals once in a while.

To go along with this celebration, there will also be a cover album done but "female" idol groups. The "female" idol groups involved are Tokyo Girls Style, BiS, iDol Street (SUPER☆GiRLS and Cheeky Parade), Idoling!!! and Dream5. The Album will be released on Dec 19th.

Here is the track list and which groups are doing which songs:

  • EZ DO DANCE (Idoling!!!)
  • Love & Peace Forever (iDOL Street)
  • Overnight Sensation ~Jidai wa Anata ni Yudaneteru~ (TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE]]
  • Samui Yoru Dakara... (Dream5)
  • survival dAnce (BiS)

Before i get onto IRF, first let me rant about the "female" part in the description.

How the hell is Akira "female"? someone please tell me how he's just managed to change his gender for this project because i would really like to know. I understand that he is the only male but to just label everyone as "female" is a bit wrong. Hell, TRF has males in the group too. Couldn't people just say idol groups instead of adding the female part? did they actually read the description of Dream5 before writing up their articles?

Ok, Rant over.

IRF (Idol Rave Factory) is a group created just for TRF's anniversary.

From left to right, Pu Rei from BiS, Suzuki Yuriya from Cheeky Parade, Shouji Mei from TGS, our loverly Hibi Mikoto and Idoling!!!'s Tachibana Yurika.

It's sooooo great to hear that Mikoto is going to be in a unit for this, it's not only great exposer for her but also for Dream5 as TGS are currently preparing for their Bokudan concerts and Idoling!!! has been around for a few years so they have loads of fans that might, or should, take a liking to Mikoto.

In other news, It was revealed that Dream5 will be releasing their 9th single on Jan 23rd. The single is another Double A-side and is titled Come On! / Do Re Mi Fa Sora Iro. 

                                *          *          *          *

Thanks to our reader syaoran-kun(edword/chan sei wai) for giving a link to their Ustream live that their staff have kindly left up for public viewing (watch it ASAP as they might decided to make it private). It's about 40mins long but you get to see the group perform EZ DO DANCE, Bokura no Natsu, CRAZY GONNA CRAZY, Sheki Meki and Come On. Come On is right at the end but the whole performance is worth the watch.

The track list is also up:

Regular Edition

  • CD
    1. Come On!
    2. Do Re Mi Fa Sora Iro (ドレミファソライロ)
    3. Cover Song (カバー曲(予定))
    4. Come On! (Instrumental)
    5. Do Re Mi Fa Sora Iro (ドレミファソライロ) (Instrumental)
    6. Cover song (カバー曲(予定)) (Instrumental)

Limited Edition

  • CD
    1. Come On!
    2. Do Re Mi Fa Sora Iro (ドレミファソライロ)
    3. Cover Song (カバー曲(予定))
    4. Come On! (Instrumental)
    5. Do Re Mi Fa Sora Iro (ドレミファソライロ) (Instrumental)
    6. Cover Song (カバー曲(予定)) (Instrumental)
  • DVD
    1. Come On!
    2. Do Re Mi Fa Sora Iro (ドレミファソライロ)
    3. Dance Track Part III (ダンストラックPartIII)
    4. Come On! (振りビデオ)
    5. Do Re Mi Fa Sora Iro (ドレミファソライロ) (振りビデオ)
    6. Cover Song (カバー曲(予定)) (振りビデオ)
I have a strong feeling that the Dance track part III is another Akira, Momona, Yuuno original dance which is perfect as it'll show how much they have grown since their last dance video.

The cover song is a mystery right now. It might be another TRF cover or they could do another Speed song but looking at the amount of artists that Avex had during the 90's it's unclear who they'll cover right now, hell they could cover AAA for all i know but as soon as we find out, you will know.

Well, Do Re Mi Fa Sora Iro is (rolls drums) ANOTHER TAMAGOCCHI OPENING! YAY!!!!!! While Come On is said to "express the determination one man toward the goal of one of the members live"........yeah i don't understand that either but when the PV comes out, we might get an idea of what that means.

As with all their recent singles, there will be solo covers available from Mu-Mo. I will get around to finding out how to get these versions of the singles but right now, their international shipping page is confusing to me and from what i understand, it's only certain items that can be purchased internationally.

Due to my work place being idiots and not hiring enough staff on my department section (the women's department is split into different sections and my section is the busiest) i can only post on Saturday and Sundays when i'm not either catching up on the sleep i missed or drowning my stress away (getting drunk) so don't expect me to post as soon as info is released.

As for the download page, I'm so sorry if the links and passowrds aren't working. Just email me what you want and i'll send you the links.