Thursday, 22 November 2012

Video's i've found

I found this the other day and thought you'd all enjoy this. It's an ad for Ito Yokado's smart app I don't know who the guy with the Tabs is, and we all know Mitsuhiro Hidaka from AAA But doesn't Kocchan look amazing? Also, I found these as well This there are 4 songs from D5, I Don't Obey, Bokura no Natsu, Tabidachi no Uta and Koi no Dial 6700. If you have listened to RUN TO THE FUTURE, you might reconise this Himawari, the only song where Akira is featured as a lead singer I managed to find a small video for the song that was featured in the 2008 part of the MKT 4years vid.
「ひまわり」 千葉一磨・細田羅夢・小関裕太... by rapidstyle