Friday, 14 December 2012

Contest Entry - syaoran-kun(edword/chan sei wai)

My favourite song by Dream5 is, Ready Go !!, this was the song who introduced me to them, it's the first song ever that made me had the feel of "REAL J-POP"

When I listened to this song as I searched for the lyrics, it meant a lot to me, for who I am giving up easily.

My first impression of this song is very very energetic song, it makes me feel more active when I feel down or tired.

When I first heard this song from Dream5, I did a lots of research about them and the result made me have most interest in Hibi Mikoto,
She's just TOO CUTE !!!, I love moe-characteristic-girls XD !

Well, what I like about Mii-chan is, she's just too cute XDD, to be honest, she was the one who encouraged her fans the most, it makes me feel like there's actually people who cared for us :D
She's also one epic vocalist with high pitch, unlike Yuu-tan and C-otori-chan, they both have a base voice XD which makes her sounds REAL CUTE !!!
Even though she's more to vocals, but her dance are PERFECT ! just like Akira :D

To me, Mii-chan is the best, AND NO. I love ALL OF THE MEMBERS IN DREAM5 !

But in my opinion, Mii-chan is still the best ~
Akira once trolled me with his gender XD /is shot
Everyone in Dream5 is TOTALLY PERFECT !
I hope that one day, they will come to Malaysia to have a live concert
I would love to get VVIP ticket to support them :D