Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Favourite Song and Member

BuoBuo asked me to post this on her behalf.

My favorite group is Dream5 of course. And my favorite member is the beautiful Shigemoto Kotori , my little bird.. She means the world for me, the universe.. she's my everything.
My favorite song by them.. it's really hard to choose because I like ALL their songs, the A-side the B-side , C-side , even their cover in live. Their voice are just magic , when I listen to them I can't help ; I'm smiling. Because I love them , so much.

But if I really should choose a song.. I'll choose two. First..Bokura no Natsu..So much memories with this song..I don't know, it touch my heart. Generally when I listen to a song 100times I didn't feel the same thing that I felt the first time , but with Bokura no Natsu.. I do. I really do. This song is so.. so magic, For summer , for spring , for winter , the harmonies remind me of each seasons , remind me of each feeling who can touch a heart or a soul.. And their little voice.. my little Kotori, she touch my heart, they touch my soul. That's why I have always a little tears when I listen to this song.
Second.. Tabidachi no uta. You have to know that all the songs who are in RUN TO THE FUTURE have special feelings for me, but Tabidachi no uta.. I don't know how to express myself. Just listening to this song and I'm relax, calming , happy, rested. I don't know how to say , I listen to it everyday and I will for all days of my life I can.

Now , why I love Kotori. Because she is ... all. All for me. My happiness, my pain. It's strange to feel something like this but the love of a fan to her idol is the strangest but most amazing thing in the whole world. I love her for her awesome voice, her amazing personality , her cute face, for her sexiness...for the person she is. I love her more than anything , she's special for me. She's so nice with her fans and she's so mature! She make me so happy, always when I see her I feel so good and energetic!
She does so much to me without knowing... it's not just few words that I'm saying, it's really a part of what I feel ... but most of my feelings for her are indescribable, nobody can understand what I feel,its really too strong. And I hope one day I'll met the girl who made me happy when I'm crying, who give me strength when I'm bad just in smiling on her pictures.. I love her, with all my heart.

Dream5 are special for me They make me so happy, when I'm sad I just have to turn on my iPod and open my playlist... and it's magic... it is only then that I realize how much I love them!
They are fabulous in dance, they are fabulous in singing, they do their best for all that they do, and they love their fan a lot, they always take care of us. I never loved a group like this... I love all of them, they all have their personal things that make them fabulous.

That's what I feel about them.. or just a part. Because I feel so much. I love Dream5 and will always love and support them , until the end of my life they always will be my little shining stars. ♥